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EFT  Service

 EFT works by clearing energy blocked within the body. By stimulating the acupuncture/acupressure and meridian points defined under traditional Chinese medicine. The meridians necessitate energy flow. In EFT, we aim to restore the proper balance back to blocked or imbalanced meridians. The meridians include Large intestines, Spleen, Stomach, Heart, Small intestine, Kidney, Bladder, Pericardium, San Jiao, Liver, Gallbladder. These are the gateways to organs and emotional well being. An imbalance in the meridians can result in pain, illness, distress, disease, disorders, emotional issues, and conditions.. EFT assists by adjusting the way the mind processes past and present information around a target issue. EFT will get to the bottom of things such as negative core belief systems and limiting beliefs that are undermining your physiological health and wellbeing. Subsequently, there are transformations in mindset. 

  Reiki Service 

Usui Shiki Ryoho is the Japanese Usui  System of  Reiki Healing. The founder was Mikao Usui. Reiki translates to “rei” (universal)  “ki” (life energy) . Reiki is utilized to restore balance and harmony within the energy system. Reiki works by placing hands gently on the body. This facilitates the transformation of energy and realignment within, while healing in the process. Reiki is in alignment with stress reduction, relaxation , emotional & mental support, spiritual and overall positive well being. 

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